Ask Dave Taylor Reviews Questyle M15 Headphone Amp / DAC


If you have mediocre headphones they’re going to sound good, if you have good headphones they’re going to sound really good, and if you have really good headphones you’re just going to be blissing because they’re going to sound fantastic. It’s going to be an audiophile experience in a mobile environment. You’re going to be really happy with how good it sounds.
This supports ALAC, FLAC, MQA and services like Tidal and Qobuz. It can work with Android or Windows or iPhone or Mac, so whatever you’ve got if you want it to sound a lot better this little tiny device is going to give you great results.
Total harmonic distortion is 0.0003% which means, I don’t care how good your ears are, you’re not going to hear any distortion whatsoever. None. That is basically zero. It sounds beautiful; it is a big rich sound with an enormous soundstage. It sounds like I’m actually in the symphony hall, it’s a great experience.
When I plugged it in and turned it on I didn’t have to make any settings or changes on my device or the dac I just plugged it in and pressed Play. You don’t have to do anything, just plug it in and enjoy it. I really like this thing.
Dave Taylor, Ask Dave Taylor, July 2022.