CS 2.3 All-In-One Wins Audiophilia’s Star Component Award


By all-in-one, AVM means it: Just attach a set of speakers to the CS 2.3 and off you go. Setting up was easy. I downloaded the AVM RC X control app onto my iPhone (and iPad), and then connected the unit to my network with an ethernet cable.
Overall, the CS 2.3 exhibited a large sound stage, nice imaging and revealed the warm, clear natural sounding timbre from my speakers I like so much. It was best in the bass and midrange. As the unit continued to break in, the treble improved considerably.
The AVM INSPIRATION CS 2.3 Compact Streaming CD Receiver exceeded my expectations. Each of the [inputs] works seamlessly and effectively, its software stability (neither it nor the app ever crashed even once during more than 2 months of use) with its continual firmware updates is exceptional, and the unit is Roon Ready.
Even its phono stage is no slouch. The unit has a terrific built-in CD-drive, and it is able to show off using speakers/turntables well beyond its intended use. Bravo.
Karl Sigman, Audiophilia, April 2022, Audiophilia Star Component Award Winner

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