Head-Fi Reviews Questyle QPM Digital Audio Player

Head-Fi Questyle QPM ReviewI will openly admit that the price of $2000 for a DAP, without touchscreen seemed high, very high. But as I made the motions throughout the week, I tested the QPM across many different headphones, IEM’s and against many sources. Much music came through the unit as well. I grew to appreciate its simplicity and singular focus on providing the very best sound it could; with nothing left but that. And it works. Like the race-driven stripped Miata or that vintage MGB or Spitfire, which were meant to be driven the QPM is meant to listen across your collection of headphones. And it works.
While having a touchscreen is wonderful, as you can then surf the web, play YouTube videos, games, email etc; I would argue that is what your Smartphone is for. And if you notice on most Android DAP’s of the time, you can shut off all extraneous background “workings” to completely focus the unit, its chips, amp and DAC on the primary call…music. Here, the QPM blatantly states, forget that; I already did that. Play your game AND listen at the top of the sound. I might even consider this a summit-fi DAP not only for its price, but for the extraordinary sound, which emanates from within. And after all, that really is the point; to listen. I finish my time bouncing between the LX/Socrates combo and the LCD-3/Wywires combo and it is good.
I again thank Todd from @TTVJ for another extraordinary tour unit. The QPM takes what the QP2R has and raises it without question to amongst the best DAP’s out there.
Ngoshawk, Head-Fi, January 2021

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