Head-Fi Video Review of Weiss DAC 501

For audio purists and music lovers alike Weiss’ 50x series represents a level of playback sophistication you’d be hard pressed to find in any single package anywhere else at any price.
The best thing about the 50x is how brilliantly it performs as a straight-forward DAC. For the purists among us the mere introduction of a 50x into your systems provides you with world-class digital to analog conversion.
Weiss’ 50x series DACs are incredibly impressive particularly with respect to detail, neutrality and transparency.
Given the 502’s price range and usage case the closest direct competitor is the Chord Dave and the 502 more than held its own especially when it came to linearity, detail and imaging.
If you’ve been searching for a true reference DAC one that is equally brilliant as a purist DAC and a sound shaper’s dream then you owe it to yourself to audition a Weiss 50x series DAC at your earliest convenience. It could very well be the best DAC you’ve never heard.
Warren Chi, Head-Fi, December 2022