Headphone Guru Reviews Questyle CMA Fifteen

Questyle has launched a new Flagship model, the Questyle CMA Fifteen. While at a quick glance it looks identical to the CMA Twelve, there are a lot of changes under the hood. Beginning with the amplifier, while it remains Questyle’s patented Current Mode design, the single-ended output has increased from 900mW to an incredibly 1.5W @ 32Ω, the linearity deviation has been halved and the noise floor has been lowered by 8dB, and the THD has been more than halved.
Also, Questyle has surrendered their proprietary 5G wireless for the more popular and accessible Bluetooth supporting LDAC up to 24-bit/96kHz. But the big change is in the DAC adopting the ESS ES9038PRO Sabre DAC which supports Current Mode output so that the CMA Fifteen is truly Current Mode throughout.
With the Questyle CMA Fifteen, the Sabre DAC finally comes into its own. Questyle has long made one of the better-sounding solid-state amplifiers combining the musicality of a tube amp with the raw power and bass control of a solid-state and a linear bandwidth that puts most amplifiers to shame. As more and more manufacturers dive into the Current Mode Amplification, Questyle remains at the head of the pack with a fifteen-year head start.
An incredible value in the price range, the CMA Fifteen has well earned its status as flagship offering exceptional musicality, soundstage, imaging, dynamic range, and raw power, able to drive well headphones that leave higher Wattage amplifiers wanting because current is to Wattage, what torque is to horsepower.
Do yourself a favor and take a listen to the Questyle CMA Fifteen with your favorite headphones when the opportunity arises. Hearty recommendation.
Frank Iacone, Headphone Guru, November 2021

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