Headphone Guru Reviews Questyle CMA Twelve

Headphone.guru Questyle CMA Twelve reviewQuestyle’s desktop products have been equally high quality and assembled to an impeccable standard. Inside, the CMA Twelve’s layout is clean with top-quality parts used throughout. All this tech adds up to great sound in a premium chassis designed to eliminate vibration and produce as direct a signal as possible in pure Class A.
One of the things I have appreciated about previous Questyle desktop gear is their ability to drive a wide variety of headphones beautifully.
The HD800s provided a great tool for the CMA Twelve. I enjoyed the presentation. A good start for the new Questyle flagship. The CMA Twelve really showcased the Utopia’s beryllium M dome drivers to full effect. It was a strong combination. The Questyle flagship brought the energy and allowed the Audeze’s to rock out. It was truly excellent.
I threw a number of genres and headphones at the CMA Twelve and the results were all good. It is a worthy of the flagship moniker. The DAC is very clear without being overly bright.
The option of single-ended and two balanced connection styles makes it accessible to a wide array of headphone choices. The switchable BIAS allows for an even wider choice.
I came to enjoy the front panel LED layout as it did not take long to be able to glance at it and know the type and bit rate of the file being played. A good thing for a Roon radio user.
Given the build quality and track record of Questyle, I would expect the CMA Twelve to have pride of place in your headphone listening space for many years to come. Highly recommended.
Eric Neff, Headphone.guru, March 2021

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