Jadis I-35 Named Stereophile Class A Recommended Component


The piano’s first arpeggio was as deliciously physical as with the best amplification I’ve heard. The system’s sense of momentum, with the Jadis, was just about perfect, and dramatic peaks sounded easy and human. Absolutely lovely. The music rocked, and sounded both tuneful and impolite, as hoped. The electric bass sounded almost perfect: just the right color, tautness, touch, and rhythmic aplomb.
The Jadis sounded magnificent… the I-35 delivered every bit of the presence, tone and texture that I would hope to hear from a contemporary tube amplifier; no small feat in itself. The I-35 amplifier looks beautiful and made music in a manner that would seem to guarantee it a place among a hallowed few. This is a damn good amp for getting to the essence of music. The I-35 makes me want to hear more from Jadis and I hope that I will. Life is short enough.
Art Dudley, Stereophile, January 2014
Class A Recommended Component

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