Jadis Makes Magic in Los Angeles

Jadis I-50, JA120, Spendor D9 and Magico S3 MkII at Los Angeles Show

Jadis Impresses in Two Rooms at Los Angeles Show

This year we went all-out playing the Jadis I-50 integrated amplifier and DPMC phono stage with the wonderful new Spendor D9 loudspeakers in one room, and Jadis’ world-famous JPMC 80 phono preamp and JA120 tube monoblocks with the new Magico S3 loudspeakers in another.

I loved the sound of the Jadis JP80MC tube preamp and Jadis JA120 tube monoblocks. I was so entranced by its sound and color that I remain at a loss for words. From Jonathan Scull on, audio reviewers have spoken of the special magic of the Jadis sound. Count me one of those people. And it’s not just the Jadis midrange that’s special, the sound of the Jadis gear has a special beauty all its own.
My final stop Saturday was in The Audiophile Zone’s Spendor/Jadis room when we listened to a track from the Lou Harrison Violin Concerto, both the gong and violin sounded absolutely right and lifelike. Percussion explosions were tightly controlled, and the impact of the violin visceral.
The texture is marvelous, I wrote of the sound through the Jadis I50 integrated amp and Chord Dave DAC. The new Spendor D9 loudspeakers did the percussion full justice without keeling over, the system acquitted itself with honors.
Jason Victor Serinus, Stereophile, LAAS Show Report, June 2017