Secrets of Home Theater and High Fidelity Reviews A 30.3


Every so often a component under review exceeds expectations to a startling degree. I’ll put the AVM A 30.3 Integrated amplifier in that small, but important group.
AVM is a company that may have slipped under your radar. It’s headquartered in Malsch, in Southwest Germany. They’ve been in business for 30 years, and their reputation spread throughout Germany, then Europe, and now they are making waves in the United States and Canada.
The AVM A 30.3 defies the conventional wisdom that separate amps and preamps are required for the best sound. In this integrated amp, the twin 100 watts per channel (8 Ohm) amps are physically and electronically separated on a single chassis with two power supplies and twin electronics. Think of it as two mono-amps never interacting. Add a low distortion, flexible stereo pre-amp with lots of connectivity and it should add up to audio heaven. And it does. In sound, build quality, and ease of use, this is the finest sounding integrated amp I’ve come across.
The AVM A 30.3 separates itself from the crowd both in terms of listening and physical ergonomics. As I’ve mentioned, the tactile design of the unit is excellent. Input switching and volume control are precise, with heavy, well-built controls. Everything just feels a cut above standard component.
General listening impressions were very positive. I listened with inefficient speakers (KEF LS 50s) and more efficient Focal towers. The dual mono 100 watts per channel amps sounded superb. Maybe the dual mono design enhanced separation because I felt more precise positioning of instruments than with other amplifiers that I’ve had driving my speakers.
A variety of headphones sounded good, and I found the AVM A 30.3 to be an excellent headphone amp. Low distortion, and again, excellent separation made the sound faultless.
Value is a tough one but easy to justify if you’re looking in this price range. There are certainly a variety of less expensive integrated amps around. Few, however, with the excellent dual mono amps that are part of this package. That design and a whisper-quiet preamp section are simply not available in lower-cost alternatives. I think the sound of the AVM A 30.3 is simply exemplary, so it presents a high value.
Mel Martin, Secrets of Home Theater and High Fidelity, September 2022

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