SoundStage Reviews Weiss DAC501

SoundStage Weiss DAC501 ReviewWhenever I evaluate a DAC, the qualities I most focus on are high-frequency sounds. If a DAC can’t get those right, it’s not very enjoyable. But too much warmth will remind me of single-ended triode amps driving horn speakers, which is a sound that is not to my taste.
The great thing about the DAC501 is that, while it sounded warmer than my current system, and warmer than I’d typically seek out, not only did I quickly acclimate to its sound, I found that I enjoyed it beyond my expectations. I didn’t find myself longing for either of my other DACs.
Using the DAC501’s headphone amp was simple as pie, and great for early-morning or late-night listening. The DAC501 drove my Sennheiser HD 600 headphones with authority, providing deep, resonant bass that was taut, with no overhang.
I very much enjoyed my time with Weiss Engineering’s DAC501. It’s an easy recommendation. Check it out — you won’t regret it.
Uday Reddy, SoundStage Ultra, January 2019

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