Stereo Magazine Compares Passive and Active Townus Speakers

The workmanship is a real delight, especially considering the price range.
The [Townus 2] are powered by an amplifier delivering up to 350 watts of power per speaker. You may ask yourself why such a powerful amplifier? Well, in order to be able to elicit the deepest possible sounds from the compact loudspeaker with the lowest possible distortion.
Frank Gobl and his team have created loudspeakers that really know how to entertain and are able to emotionally capture the person listening to them, but not at the expense of tonal neutrality.
In the bass range, the active Townus 2 proved to be a bit more precise, cleaner and crisper, while the Townus 30 provided a bit more warmth.
Without a doubt, the passive Townus 30 is an excellent and extremely attractively priced stand-mount speaker, but it has to fear the competition from its own manufacturer in the form of the active Townus 2.
Both models awarded Five Star rating for Price/Performance
Michael Lang, Stereo Magazine, October 2022

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