STEREO Reviews Canton Chrono 90 DC

STEREO Canton Chrono 90 DC ReviewThe sound quality of speakers that cost less than [$3,000] a pair is becoming more and more impressive. A convincing example of this is the floorstander Canton Chrono 90 DC, which wants to impress customers with top technology at a competitive price.
The proven ‘DC’ technology, ‘displacement control’, filters out the frequency range below the fundamental frequency of the bass drivers. The results: a powerful and low-distortion bass reproduction and high power handling.
We started with Stevie Wonder’s classic Isn’t She Lovely interpreted by Livingston Taylor. The Chrono 90 DC took on the task with great enthusiasm, sounding airy, light and released. Taylor’s voice was displayed voluminously and sonorously, the guitar was precisely focused, and the strumming was reproduced well. The sound image seemed powerful without being unusually thickened, and even the ‘dangerous’ sounds of the flute were played pleasant and without sharpness.
The Canton speakers pushed the energy cleanly and with power into the room, lacking any audible distortions. All that without neglecting the characteristic voice of the singer, here sounding almost fragile.
Toto’s hit Africa came along with a bass that was pushing mightily, while being rich and juicy, and conveying an immensely high amount of fun.
A detailed, very homogenous sound, which is not always heard, even in higher priced ranges. These speakers represent a very exciting and extremely fairly priced offer that deserves to be the subject of an intense listening test at your trusted dealer.
STEREO, June 2021, Five Star ‘Outstanding’ Rating

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