STEREO Reviews Canton Reference 3K

Float like a butterfly… the quite voluminous Canton Reference 3K floorstanding speaker displayed this characteristic effortlessly.
This speaker is a textbook example of a universal talent. The Germans are also known for a very solid bass foundation. Fine details and resolutions are also attributes that many music lovers associate with the brand. 
The sound pressure we measured was between 90 and 100 decibels… the system sounds smooth and clean. The speaker remained calm, didn’t miss a beat, didn’t rumble in the bass, didn’t hiss in the highs and impressed us in other, previously unsuspected, areas. 
The voice reproduction was corporeal and full-bodied, its accuracy of reproduction of an exemplary quality. The sound was set completely free in the room, the – not exactly small – speakers were virtually impossible to locate. The Reference 3K displayed one of its many convincing qualities and satisfied us with an honest performance that precisely reproduced the character of Sting’s voice.
Nothing is smeared and all instruments retain their natural size regardless of pitch. You could be quite certain of the fact that your musical reproduction setup plays on a very high level.
It’s developers can be proud of the work they have done. This quality of workmanship would be appreciated at three times the price. The Reference 3K stings the music lover like a bee – right in the heart.
Michael Lang, Stereo, March 2021

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