Stereophile Reviews Jadis Orchestra Black

Wow! The amp’s workmanship is robust and exquisite. Every solder joint I could see was of the very highest quality. Parts quality, too, is reassuringly good.
Then came a surprisingly sudden moment when the notes I was hearing simply refused to be ignored. The Orchestra Black’s sound and its music-making abilities both made the leap from pretty decent to wow. This was compelling music. And the physicality of the notes: Wow! Every one was gorgeous, every one a mini event. The lowest notes had plenty of power and reach and a slightly frightening physicality. The output transformers are obviously up to the job.
The Jadis acquitted itself with poise and control but also with color, texture, and extraordinary levels of involvement. The Jadis didn’t just reproduce this number – it played it. Very strongly recommended.
Art Dudley, Stereophile Class A Recommended Product,  April 2020