Stereophile Reviews New AVM A 6.2 ME Integrated Amplifier


Stereophile reviews AVM A 6.2 ME Integrated AmplifierIf I weren’t an audio reviewer, I’d revert to my regular self and use the best integrated amp I could afford. Why? Because I find the Zen-hut simplicity of integrated amplifiers appealing, and I like how integrated amps just sit there, all self-contained and one-box confident.
Lucky for me, in 2021, upmarket integrated amplifiers are the hot audiophile product. Which means I’ve been scouring the globe for interesting integrateds to audition. The AVM Ovation A 6.2 ME integrated looks like it would fit in anywhere. Its display is unobtrusive and easy-to-read and illuminates an easy-to-navigate menu.
The AVM A 6.2 ME presented challenging recordings in a detailed, well-structured, nonfatiguing manner.  As a result, my AVM month was filled with fantastic albums. I cherish what these artists make me feel, but some components I’ve reviewed did not allow me to access those feelings. The Ovation A 6.2 ME did. The AVM integrated gave me a wide-angle, member-of-the-audience view, providing information about the size and nature of the diverse venues. In my scribbled notes, I characterized the AVM’s presentation as ‘ease with lush detail.’ It was smooth and engaging.
When my hi-fi is singing just right, the urgency of her [Alice Coltrane’s Transfiguration] transcendental messages comes through. The AVM A 6.2 integrated showed me the most inspired and enlightened Alice Coltrane I’ve ever heard. The A 6.2 displayed Alice’s unique expressiveness with a sparkling sonic radiance.
After a month of daily listening, I concluded that the AVM A 6.2 ME sounded a lot like those classic class-A amplifiers of yesteryore, which sounded like they had full control and weren’t leaving any information behind. They sounded musically right and complete. The AVM A 6.2 ME integrated sounded that kind of right, with a little fairy dust sprinkled on top.
Herb Reichert, Stereophile, June 2021
Stereophile Class A Recommended Component


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