Steve Guttenberg Reviews Canton Vento 836.2

The Audiophillac Canton Vento 836 ReviewIt looks like a normal standmount speaker, but it’s not. It’s the real deal. When you listen to it you can hear the difference, absolutely.
When I ran test tones through the speaker I was surprised, it was pretty solid going down through 40 Hz. It wasn’t just that it went down lower than I expected, it was the quality of the bass that surprised me. It was fast, it is a really really fast driver, high-definition, agile, nimble, this thing can keep up with quick bass transients.
The sound was vivid. This is not a retiring laid back speaker.  If I had to come up with a one word description it would be ‘pure’. Clean, fast, detailed, open, but pure – that’s the word.
The texture of the bass, it rippled, it had body, nuance that is rarely heard, usually not with this kind of detail, and the pitch definition that I was getting out of these speakers; it was really really impressive.
A standmount speaker like this, that has that kind of low end authority, and still maintains its grip on the sound, that’s what got my juices going.
When I changed the amp an amazing thing happened, the 836.2 now had the body, that soul, that warmth, but it still had that ethereal soaring beautiful quality. When you say I want to split the difference between A and B, I was splitting the difference. I wanted some of this and some of that and now I got both.
I’m not expecting you to duplicate these combinations but what I’m pointing out is the speaker is a portal and it’s letting me hear what’s feeding it, so you can make it sound the way you want it to and that’s incredible, it really really is.
I was having fun. That’s it. That’s it! That’s the highest compliment a reviewer can say about anything.
Steve Guttenberg, The Audiophillac, March 2021

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