Steve Huff Video Review of Weiss DAC501


Steve Huff Weiss DAC 501 reviewThe Swiss made Weiss DAC is a much different DAC than any others I have had through here. It’s not just a DAC but it’s also a Roon ready streamer, headphone amp and pre-amp. It offers up several DSP modes that you can turn on and off via the touchscreen on the front panel.
I have not heard a DAC quite like this before. It brings a studio sound, or even a Reel to Reel master tape kind of sound to your Digital. It is incredible and probably the best DAC I have had in here.
I feel this DAC is more about delivering the music as it was recorded so we hear it in just that way. When music starts to flow from the speakers with the 501 decoding those bits you know you have something special within the system. It’s instant. No golden ears needed.
This DAC may be my all-time favorite for vocals and midrange. It’s pure magic and on another level from most that I have heard. It has detail, it does layering, it allows us to hear the texture in voices and instruments like any good high end DAC should.
As I have hinted at earlier, this DAC provides a level of refinement that is absolutely spectacular and may be the most refined DAC I have ever laid ears on.
I cannot stress enough how “right” it sounds with all of the music I throw at it. Piano is just right as the density and weight is there to flesh out the tonality. Guitars have a life like snap and crispness about them. The midrange with this DAC is also just about perfect with that weight and fullness in the vocals.
It’s a solid World Class DAC and well worth the cost in today’s HiFi market for what it brings to the table. In fact, as I spent the days writing this review I have grown quite fond of the 501. So much so I can proclaim it as the most well rounded, best sounding and most addictive DAC I have ever heard.
EVERYTHING sounds wonderful through the Weiss 501. It’s a master of all.
Steve Huff, Reviews From The Heart, February 2022.