The Absolute Sound Reviews AVM CS 8.3 Streaming Receiver

avm cs8.3 reviewThe AVM CS 8.3 Black Edition streaming integrated amplifier is a remarkable piece of German engineering. It combines a 500Wpc integrated amplifier, a Class D amplifier, a tube linestage, an integrated streamer, and a CD drive all in one chassis. The ability to filter noise and interference inside one rather small enclosure struck me as an engineering nightmare, but leave it to the Germans to figure out a way to engineer themselves out of an engineering impossibility.
Upon receiving the CS 8.3 it was evident that AVM pays great attention to detail. The unit arrived in a double-cardboard-boxed flight case, featuring an elegant, understated design. Setting up the unit was straightforward, and its compatibility with streaming services like Tidal and Qobuz, as well as its inclusion of Roon, made it a versatile choice for modern audiophiles.
AVM’s CEO, Udo Besser, has a passion for audio that dates back to his youth. His vision for AVM is to provide premium sound at accessible prices through all-in-one solutions that fit seamlessly into a modern lifestyle. AVM’s embrace of streaming technology, along with its integration with popular streaming services, reflects a forward-thinking approach aimed at capturing new generations of audiophiles.
Having the AVM in my living room was a pleasure, not only from a sonic standpoint but from a simplicity one. The CS 8.3’s sound quality impressed with its precision, detail, and warmth. It excelled in reproducing acoustic instruments, providing a rich, lifelike sound. I felt AVM extracted the best of tubes and solid-state electronics. I was always drawn into the music and thoroughly enjoyed my time with the CS 8.3 Black Edition.
Overall, the AVM CS 8.3 Black Edition is a must-consider option for those who value both convenience and exceptional audio performance in a single component.
Rives Bird, The Absolute Sound, October 2023