Tone Audio Reviews Canton Chrono SL 586

TONE Audio Canton Review thumbThe Chronos come out of the gate strong, doing a great job on everything.
The Chronos are very easy to drive with modest power, tube or solid-state. They even turn in an excellent performance with our recently re-capped Marantz 2220B vintage receiver. This important because anything that sounds good with a budget, low-power vintage receiver is probably going to sound good with any entry level amp you might have on hand, or thinking of purchasing to go with.
Underneath is a solid base/plinth that maintains the proper distance for the bottom firing bass port, eliminating the guess work in setup. That bottom firing bass port not only offers a smoother bass response than a number of rear ported designs we’ve auditioned, it also makes placing the Chronos in your room a lot easier.
The Chronos allows for a bit of toe in, which helps even out the low frequency to upper bass range. In both our small and large rooms, they were making good music in five minutes, and dialed in fully in about 15 minutes total. The Cantons are very user friendly, and even if you aren’t a speaker setup wizard, you’ll get good sound with minimal effort.
Going through a much wider range of program material, I found no shortcomings. The Cantons strike a nice balance of resolution, and imaging without harshness or fatigue. This is tougher to achieve at the $4k/pair price point than you might realize. The Cantons really excel at doing everything very well.
At the end of the day, Canton has made a great speaker in the Chrono SL586.2. The model name won’t roll off the tip of your tongue, but they sound great, and will easily blend into your environment – that’s the most important thing.
Jeff Dorgay, TONE Audio, July 2021

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