Twittering Machines Reviews AVM A 8.3 Integrated Amplifier


Where the AVM Ovation A 8.3 really stands out is its physicality coupled with superb clarity and drive.
I couldn’t resist turning the volume up, and up again until my senses were doused in pure delight. That wonderful sense of drive, control, and clarity of the AVM made this experience damn near psychedelic as these fine musicians felt powerfully present. Boom!
A piano can create a world of sound as forceful as any headbanger band, but with the added qualities of grace, delicacy, and nuance. If you allow yourself to jump completely in to a performance like this time and the madness of the day fade away. The AVM offered such a performance and I got lost in Ravel at the hands of Andre Leplante and I wondered at and wandered into this exotic sound world.
I spent week after week with the Ovation A 8.3 just listening to music, album after album of new treats and old favorites, and I was able to forget about sound quality and get lost in music’s qualities. This transition can be seamless but it can also be clumsy, drawing our attention away from music into sound. The AVM never once broke the spell of whatever music was casting its magic in Barn. Bravo!
Michael Lavorgna, Twittering Machines, August 2022

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