Twittering Machines Reviews the Weiss DAC204

You could say I was predisposed to falling for the Weiss DAC204. After all, I really liked the Weiss DAC501 (review) for its sound and DSP’d feature-richness and I love the look of the little DAC204 with its retro toggle switches and no fuss no muss approach. Wouldn’t it be fabulous if the cute little DAC204 kept the DAC501’s sound in its stripped down form?
The DAC204 offers 24-bit/384kHz PCM via USB and converts incoming DSD to PCM, with options for 16- or 24-bit at 88.2 or 176.4 kHz. Its rear panel provides digital inputs (USB, AES/EBU, S/PDIF), single-ended RCA and balanced XLR outputs, along with attenuation switches to match system gain.


No volume control, headphone amp, display, or remote control – just a straightforward DAC. While the notion that hifi is limitless in its ability to improve sonically, we really do have to stop somewhere and focus on things like the full experience, enjoyment, and music.
I tested the DAC204 in both my desktop and main systems. Paired with ADAM A3X monitors on my desktop, it revealed incredible clarity and presence. Music felt vivid and immediate. Moving it to my main setup with DeVore O/96 speakers, it retained its refinement. The Weiss DAC204 excelled at revealing nuances, textures, and tones, providing a genuine sense of purity.
The Weiss DAC immersed me in the music, offering a level of detail that fully engaged my senses. I appreciated how it effortlessly maintained a natural, groomed, and blossomed sound, even with complex recordings.
The DAC204’s stripped-down design didn’t compromise its performance. It’s now a favorite on my DAC list, challenging preconceptions about price and features. I recommend it to those who seek a compact, high-quality DAC without unnecessary frills. Bravo to Weiss for creating a DAC that delivers where it matters most.
Twittering Machines, July 2023