Weiss DAC502 Wins Stereophile A+ Recommendation

Stereophile Recommended Component ThumbThe earlier Weiss D/A processors reviewed in Stereophile offered astonishing resolution coupled with sound quality ‘to die for’.
The Roon Ready DAC502 more than equals its predecessors in both aspects of performance and adds an Ethernet port, balanced and single-ended headphone outputs, a volume control, a choice of maximum output levels, and several DSP functions.
The DAC502’s low frequencies combined clarity with an excellent sense of what the late Art Dudley used to call ‘force’, wrote JA, adding that he had never heard the layering of recorded soundstages so clearly delineated as with the DAC502.
If you don’t need the balanced headphone output, the smaller DAC501 (US retail $8,995) offers the same performance and feature set as the DAC502. (Vol.43 Nos.8 & 9 WWW)
Stereophile Class A+ Recommended Component, October 2020

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