CES 2011 Show Report – Las Vegas

Bluebird Music presented a high end system consisting of the incredible Peak Consult El Diablo V loudspeakers, Chord Electronics’ Red Reference Mk II CD Player, CPA 5000 pre-amplifier, world renowned 500 watt SPM 1400 mono-blocks and Van den Hul’s revolutionary new 3T cables. This big system truly delivered the ultimate sound with authentic, real world, you-are-there presentation and dynamics. Words can’t do justice to the sound but suffice it to say those who sat and listened to our Scheherazade presentation stayed the whole nine plus minutes until the end of the piece. (Not so common at a hi-fi show where listeners are always pressed for time.)

Also on demonstration were: three of Chord’s Chordette systems, (pictured below), Spendor A6 speakers and Peak Consult’s beautiful new Princess XE speakers, (also pictured below). Listeners were pleasantly surprised with the excellent sound made by the Chordette system, which featured an iPad as the source, Van den Hul D-102 and D-352 cables and Spendor A6 speakers.

“for an all-too-brief interlude, I was transported from the fake glitz of Las Vegas into the more real sonic world of the Arabian Nights.”  – John Atkinson, Stereophile CES 2011 Show Report

“bass response here was exceptionally fast and deep…  overall dynamics were sensational, making for sterling reproduction of the highly percussive cuts.”   – Jonathan Valin, TAS 2011 CES Show Report

“the sound is excellent, particularly in the bass”  – Marc Philip, Magazine-Audio CES 2011 Show Report