CES – Las Vegas, January 8 – 11, 2013 – Venetian Room 30-308

This year we demonstrated a fabulous system featuring some of our more affordable high end components, including: Peak Consult InCognito X loudspeakers ($26,000), Van den Hul 3T Mountain interconnects ($1,500) and Cumulus speaker cable ($6,995), Chord Electronics’ new SPM 1200 MkII Stereo Amplifier ($14,000) bottom component in right photo, and the new Chord DSX 1000 Streamer ($13,000), winner of the What Hi-Fi Star of the Show award, shown in the middle picture.


“It was ear-opening to discover how much captivating air and depth they can produce… the [SPM 1200MkII] which replaces the SPM 1200E yet costs a little less – surprise is a fully balanced design.”
– Jason Victor Serinus, Stereophile CES 2013 Show Report