Chord and Estelon at CES 2014 – Named Top Three Best Sounding Rooms

Venetian 29-222 featured our ultimate high end system: Estelon X-Diamond loudspeakers, Chord Electronics SMP 14000 monoblocks, CPA 8000 preamplifier, DSX 1000 Network Music Player, Symphonic phono stage, Jadis new Thalie turntable and Kubala-Sosna Elation cables. 

“This is one room that I’m glad I didn’t miss. The system was shockingly neutral and detailed with excellent control and resolution from top to bottom of the music spectrum. Now, even the minutest details and softest shadings were immediately discernible with zero mechanical feeling or artificial edge… each of the singers was cleanly separated and the vocalization and intelligibility was amazing.”
– Myles Astor, Positive Feedback, CES Show Report, Top Three Best, January 2014


…superb sounding… absolutely phenomenal.”
– Jonathan Valin, The Absolute Sound, CES Show Report, January 2014

 “the Chord SPM 14000 monoblock amps powered the Estelon with beautiful results.”
– Albert Porter, Positive Feedback, CES Show Report, January 2014