Chord Electronics at CES 2015

Chord Announces new Hugo TT and 2Qute DACs.

Hugo TT

January 2015 – Las Vegas. Chord Electronics introduced the new Hugo TT ($4,795), the most sophisticated DAC they’ve ever made and one which takes Hugo performance up yet another level and adds functionality and connectivity.

The new Hugo TT offers numerous improvements over Hugo and a substantial improvement in sound quality. Larger batteries and new super capacitors give the Hugo TT more power, galvanic isolation on the USB input completely eliminates jitter, increased Class A bias reduces distortion, plus the Hugo TT is now a balanced design. As a result, the Hugo TT has more power, better dynamics, greater dynamic headroom, a smoother, more natural sound and better soundstage recreation.

Ease of use is improved by a new front-mounted input selector, cross-feed selector, power on/off switch, LED display of selected input, retention of selected input after power down, better accommodation of audio cables, a full function remote control and new single ended and balanced outputs. Apt-X Bluetooth range is increased to 150’ and a 75ohm coaxial input has been added. Finally, Hugo TT is built to last with a beautifully machined solid aluminum case and a 15 – 20 year battery life. (Click image at right for larger picture)


The 2Qute is a Hugo DAC in a Chordette chassis. For those who want the best-sounding DAC for their home system the new 2Qute ($1,795) is undeniably the best choice. Enhanced RF filtering plus an extra stage of voltage regulation enable the 2Qute to deliver the same performance levels as the Hugo despite being AC powered. Endowed with all of Chord’s trademark FPGA DAC technology, it is irrefutably the world’s best buy in state-of-the-art high-performance DACs.

Below Chord also presented their new Ensemble system with Estelon XB loudspeakers.

US retail prices are $4,795 for Hugo TT and $1,795 for 2Qute. ($5,795 and $1,995 respectively in Canada.)

Bluebird dealers are now accepting orders for both these products. For availability and shipping status information please click here.