Hear Chord, Spendor, SME, Sonoma and Vienna at RMAF **

Room 1118

North American Debut of Spendor A4 Loudspeakers.

Join us with Denver area dealer Fort Collins Audio and hear the fantastic new Spendor A4 speakers with Quicksilver amplification and the stunning Chord Hugo 2 DAC.

Spendor A4 loudspeakers at RMAF 21017

This room was the biggest surprise at the Show. These Spendor A4 ($3,195) were voiced so well and sang musically into the room. Fantastic resolution, expansive soundstage, proper tactility and tonal destiny.
Audio Bacon, RMAF 2017 Grand Show Report, October 2017


Room 9030

Meet Stuart McNellis of SME and hear SME, Chord’s Blu MkII CD Transport and DAVE DAC with Vienna Acoustics.

Bluebird Music had a big show planned for Rocky Mountain this year. Stuart McNellis, new CEO of SME joined us in the Bluebird Music suite 9030 at Rocky Mountain where we played the SME Model 10 turntable in a high-end system featuring Chord Electronics and Vienna Acoustics. Digital featured the new Blu MkII CD transport with the multi-award winning DAVE DAC and Chord’s flagship integrated amplifier. Loudspeakers were Vienna Acoustics Mozart and Baby Beethoven, all connected with Kubala-Sosna cables.

Chord Blu MkII, DAVE, SME and Vienna Acoustics

Chord Blu Mk2 provided the most musical resolution of any setup at the show.
Audio Bacon, RMAF 2017 Grand Show Report, October 2017