Hear Magico and Jadis in Los Angeles **

Jadis JA120 and Magico S3 MkII

Hear a high-end Jadis-Magico system and meet JC Calmettes, owner and designer of Jadis, on Saturday and Sunday.

This year at the LA Audio Show, June 2-4, LA dealer Brooks Berdan Ltd. will be showing in Room 333 with the following components: The newly released Magico S3MkIIs, Jadis JA120 mono amplifiers, Jadis famous JP80MC preamplifier with built-in phono, Chord DAVE DAC. Room treatment will feature Artnovion Sound acoustic panels. Other brands shown include Vetere and Auralic.

Brooks Berdan Ltd. also has a second space, Booth 171, on the first floor where they will be demonstrating and selling: Chord Mojo, Audeze headphones and other headphone related products and accessories.

I loved the sound of the Jadis JP80MC tube preamp and Jadis JA120 tube monoblocks. I was so entranced by its sound and color that I remain at a loss for words. From Jonathan Scull on, audio reviewers have spoken of the special magic of the Jadis sound. Count me one of those people. And it’s not just the Jadis midrange that’s special, the sound of the Jadis gear has a special beauty all its own.
Jason Victor Serinus, Stereophile, LAAS Show Report, June 2017