Hear SME’s Flagship Model 60 Turntable in Bethesda **

SME Model 60 with Wilson Audio loudspeakers at JS Audio

HiFi Meet and Greet with SME Turntables, Wilson Audio, D’Agostino at Bethesda High-End Audio Dealer JS Audio.

JS Audio hosted a terrific event on Saturday April 22, 2023 – an evening of great music, wonderful food & beverage and interesting conversation. Much thanks to all three Kennedy brothers for a splendid and immensely enjoyable event!

Chad Stelly and Jay Rein of Bluebird Music and the factory reps from Wilson Audio, D’Agostino and Nordost demonstrated one of the finest vinyl playback systems in the world featuring: SME Limited’s Model 60 turntable on Wilson Audio XVX loudspeakers, paired with D’Agostio’s Momentum amplification.

SME Model 6, Model 12, Model 20 are also on permanent display in the store as is the Model 15 was also demonstrated in a more affordable system in a second room.

To arrange your personal demonstration please call 301-656-7020 or email jsaudio@jsaudio.com

Below: Chad Stelly explains the unique engineering of SME’s new Model 60 turntable and new Series VA tonearm at the event.

Bluebird Music presents SME Model 60 with Wilson loudspeakers at JS Audio