Hear the Ultimate High-End System in LA

Hear the Ultimate High-End System at Brooks Berdan

Jay Rein, of Bluebird Music, will present a flagship high-end system consisting of the new Estelon XB loudspeakers, Chord Electronics Red Reference CD player, CPA 5000 preamp and stunning 500 watt SPM 1400 monoblock amplifiers. Chord’s stunning Hugo portable headphone amp / DAC will also be on demonstration.

The Estelon speakers, recent winner of The Absolute Sound’s Editors’ Choice 2015 award (reviewed in the TAS May/June issue), are perhaps the most neutral and transparent loudspeaker available today. Estelon offers a breath-taking level of transparency but with a full, rich, natural timbre and meaty, deep, fast, well-defined bass. 

You are probably familiar with Chord Electronics’ outstanding DACs: the Hugo, the QBD76 and the DAC64. But you might not be familiar with the sound of Chord’s state-of-the-art high end amplification. The Chord electronics deliver the natural tone, subtlety and musicality of the world’s finest tube designs along with the punch and accuracy of the world’s best solid state. 

The Chord and Estelon, combined, offer a level of realism and musicality that we don’t think any other system can match – at any price. That’s quite a bold statement but join us at Brooks Berdan Ltd and you be the judge.

Brooks Berdan Ltd. 110 West Olive Avenue, Monrovia, CA. Tel: 626-359-9131. Saturday May 2, 2015. 5 – 8pm.