Jadis and Estelon ‘Glorious’ at CES 2015

Jadis and Estelon Room Sounds ‘Special, Glorious and Mezmerizing’ at CES 2015

This year’s room featured the Estelon XA loudspeakers ($41,900), powered by Jadis’ new JA120 100 watt pure Class A monoblocks ($25,900), new PRE1 preamp ($10,900), Lindemann Musicbook 25 CD player and streamer ($6,295) all connected with Kubala-Sosna Elation cables.

(All prices in US dollars as of February 1, 2015).


The pairing of the richly saturated, luscious Jadis electronics on the Estelons was a wonderful combination of a lacy transparency very reminiscent of electrostats with more timbral meat on the bone from top to bottom and an authoritative low end… the system was highly refined and revealing while remaining relaxing and involving. I could sit and listen to this room until tomorrow – it’s just glorious.

Paul Bolin, The Audio Beat, CES 2015

With Estelon’s ultra-neutral, ultra-fast, ultra-high-resolution drivers (including its exceptionally well-integrated ceramic tweeter) paired to ultra-sweet Jadis gear, the sound was quite lovely and natural. Even digital sounded special through these great transducers.

Jonathan Valin, The Absolute Sound, CES 2105 Show Report

I’ve never heard anything in their [Estelon] lineup sound anything but thrilling. Shown here with tubes, the sound was full, round and completely mesmerizing.

Scot Hull, The Audio Traveler, CES 2015 Show Report

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