LA dealer Brooks Berdan presents Chord, Magico, Spendor, McIntosh and Jadis. October 2013.

Brooks Berdan Ltd hosted a fun, exciting and informative afternoon featuring the latest products from: Jadis, Spendor, Magico and Chord Electronics. Features systems included: Spendor D7 with McIntosh 275 monoblocks and Magico Q7 with Chord Electronics SPM 14000 monoblocks, and a stunning Jadis/Magico room featuring the new JA120 monoblocks.

Also on demonstration were: Jadis’ affordable I-35 integrated, Spendor Classic SP100R2 loudspeakers, Chord’s QuteHD DSD DAC and new DSX 1000 Network Music Player. Hear it all at Brooks Berdan Ltd., 110 West Olive Avenue, Monrovia, CA. Tel: 626-359-9131. (We were so eager for the Jadis/Magcio pic we couldn’t wait until the set up was finished.)