New York Audio Show – Manhattan, April 2013 – Room 2

Room 2: Spendor, Jadis and the Black Crowes

Room 909 featured the US premier of the new Spendor SP100R2 loudspeakers, the new Jadis Calliope CD transport and the new Jadis JS1 MkIV DAC. Electronics were Jadis’ world famous JP80 MC pre-amp and JA200 monoblocks, (both the newer MkIII versions), connected with Van den Hul 3T cables. Attendees also had the opportunity to meet Philip Swift of Spendor and JC Calmettes of Jadis.

“I noticed the speaker’s full-bodied midrange and well-controlled bass and decided this room needs some rock. We put on The Black Crowes’ The Southern Harmony and Musical Companion. There it was! Oh baby! That juicy midrange! Guitarist Marc Ford became Mark ‘F*ckin’ Ford burning the room to pieces with his searing bends. Chris Robinson’s chest-ripping performance on ‘Sometimes Salvation’ was full of blood pumping serious blues-rock soul into the hearts of the listeners in the room.

Suddenly, the CD started to skip. Jay Rein of Bluebird Music, importer of Spendor loudspeakers, jumped at the volume control and said I’m sorry, this CD is beat all to hell and only for the car. Bitran: Who cares dude! The music is great! Keep it going!’ But… and then Rein paused himself, pressed play, and sat down. Wow. This really does sound good, he affirmed. We sat through the skips and kept rocking out.”
– Ariel Bitran, Stereophile, NY Audio Show, April 2013

“If you want real music this is all you need” – David Chesky, NY Audio show, April 2013