New York Show – Manhattan, April 2013

Bluebird Music and Audio Doctor teamed up in room 1126 for a fabulous presentation featuring Chord Electronics’ new DXS1000 music streamer, new flagship CPA 8000 pre-amp, SPM 14000 monoblock amplifiers along with the KEF Blade loudspeakers and Kronos turntable.


Bluebird Music demonstrated an impressive system comprising KEF Blade loudspeakers, Chord SPM 14000 MkII mono amplifiers, the Chord CPA 8000 Reference preamp, and the Kronos turntable – a combination on which Neil Young’s Comes a Time album sounded so good, I can scarcely wait to hear it again when I get home.
Art Dudley, Stereophile, NY Audio Show, April 2013
Of course the KEF room was jamming, had great sound. This system gets my award for Most Desirable High-End Audio system To Bring Home to Mother. Ok, it also gets today’s Best Sound At The Show Award too.
Steven Rochlin, Enjoy the Music, NY Audio Show, April 2013

Let’s move on to one of my favorite rooms, there, the sleek KEF Blade was being driven by an imposing array of Chord gear and a Kronos ‘table. The sound was preternaturally pure and effortlessly dynamic, especially when playing a lacquer of Elvis Presley’s ‘Are You Lonesome Tonight’, but also when streaming digital.
Alan Taffel, The Absolute Sound, NY Audio Show, April 2013