North American Debut of Estelon Extreme, Mountain View, CA, June 2014

Northern California dealer Audio High presented the new Estelon Extreme loudspeakers with Chord Electronics at their store June 2014.

The brand new Estelon Extreme, pictured at right, (worldwide launch Munich May 15, 2014), is Estelon’s new signature loudspeaker. Estelon follows a philosophy of blending technology, design and hand craftsmanship to create a loudspeaker with a natural, pure sound and a beautiful, graceful aesthetic.

Estelon’s award-winning X Diamond loudspeaker is a successful execution of this philosophy. The new Estelon Extreme builds on this philosophy and approaches the pinnacle of advanced engineering. The result is a remarkable world-class, statement loudspeaker which achieves perfect harmony between design and technology and delivers a rich, dynamic, tactile, immersive listening experience.

Each Extreme loudspeaker is comprised of two modules; upper and lower. The upper modules are adjustable for optimizing the sound to the listening room and they also provide ideal isolation to deliver the purest possible sound. Driver technology is highly advanced. The Extreme features two 10″ aluminum dome woofers, one 10″ aluminum mid-bass driver, one 7″ ceramic midrange and one 1.5″ Diamond inverted dome tweeter.

Pictured at right: Estelon X Diamonds with Chord Electronics in Audio High’s high-end theater.

“Rarely have I left a demo so aware that, if I hadn’t needed to run home and let the dogs out, I would have lingered to listen for hours more. Forget the 3-minute track approach to power blogging; the Estelon Extreme is the real deal. Through it, listening is an unmitigated pleasure, and unfailingly enlightening.”  – Jason Victor Serinus, Stereophile, June 2014.

“The Extreme can replicate the full soundstage of the orchestra with excellent focus and layered depth, yet does not exaggerate the size of smaller ensembles as many large speaker systems do. However, what was most startling about the performance of the Extreme was its wonderful transparency and naturalness. It provided a very clear window onto the soundstage, and while it was quite detailed, there was no hint of brightness on an array of fine-sounding Reference Recordings.” – Jim Hannon, The Absolute Sound, June 2014

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