Salon Son & Image Show Report – Montreal

While everyone else seems to be presenting ultra expensive systems, we buck the trend in Montreal and present what we believe to be the ultimate mid-fi system featuring the new Spendor A6 speakers with Exposure 3010S electronics.

The Spendor-Exposure combination benefits from outstanding system synergy. The Spendor A6 offers a fast, detailed, dynamic presentation with excellent transparency and a very natural tonal balance. The Exposure 3010S’s delivers a very natural, organic, rhythmic presentation. With twin Burr Brown 1704 mono DACs, Exposure’s 3010S CD Player is a surprisingly high resolution source for the money. The 110 watt 3010S Integrated amp provides lots of grunt and drive with excellent control for deep, tight, powerful bass and room filling dynamics. Just what the doctor ordered for the Spendors.

“You get used to hearing expensive over-the-top systems at an audio Show, but the real delight is discovering more affordable set-ups that sound better than you expect. Such was the case when I entered the Bluebird Music room, where the Spendor A6 two-way tower speakers were being demmed with Exposure’s $1,795 3010S integrated amplifier and an Exposure CD player. I was struck by how seamless the presentation was, with natural tonal qualities, well-defined stereo imaging, and good dynamics.”
– John Atkinson, Stereophile, Salon Son & Image 2009 Show Report