Spendor/Jadis Entry Level System Makes Magic at Newport

Bluebird Music and LA dealer Brooks Berdan presented the Spendor/Jadis entry level system featuring the $4,795 Jadis Orchestra Reference integrated, a pair of $3,295 Spendor SP3/1R2 loudspeakers, and an affordable turntable. The result is a system priced at under $12,000 that will knock your socks off with it’s vibrant, dynamic musicality.

Among the show’s many mega-priced systems, a complete system costing $13,000 was rare. But that system, the Jadis Orchestra integrated amplifier, Spendor SP3/1R2 speakers, and a Roksan Radius 7 turntable, made more music than many systems costing much more.
Winner Best Sound (for the money), Robert Harley, TAS, Newport Beach Show Report June 2016
Brooks Berdan Ltd. eschewed the big stuff, and displayed ‘realistically priced Hi Fi Music Systems.’ This one shows the Jadis Orchestra 40Wpc integrated amp and Spendor SP3/1R2 loudspeakers, driven by a Roksan Radius 7 turntable and supplementing it were the Chord Hugo DAC and Auralic Mini streamer. Not the cheapest system in the world, but one that, with CD, did a simply wonderful job of conveying both the gentle tenderness of the glorious Schubert Quintet as well as their energized flourishes. Listening to the LP of Eric Clapton’s Live at Royal Albert Hall further confirmed the lovely smoothness and musicality that are at the heart of every fine system. Most enjoyable.
Jason Victor Serinus, Stereophile, Newport Beach Show Report June 2016