Stereophile’s HE 2004 Show Report – New York City

In the Chord Electronics room:

John Franks, chief designer and managing director of Chord Electronics, presented Chord’s newest product, the stunning, ultra-high resolution CD transport, “Blu” with the Choral Series driving Living Voice OBX-R2 loudspeakers.

“Chord Electronics produced one of my favorite sounds at the show… an intensely sweet and musically engaging sound that was a welcome respite from the many mediocre demos.”
– R. Harley, The Absolute Sound

“Sometimes, you can walk by a room and the sound coming out is so lifelike that it pulls you in. That happened a few times, and this was one of those rooms.”
– Crutchfield Advisor, May 2004

In the Exposure room:

“Speaking of musical energy at a fair price point, this room held a bountiful of treats to my ears, driven  by several components from Exposure Electronics of England. This combination got to the rhythm of the music in a hurry in precise and dynamic fashion, with an accurate low midrange and bass extension that was quite impressive to my ears. The Exposure electronics were remarkably quiet, yet held tremendous power and pace in driving the Avatars. Once again, keep your eyes and ears on these English products, as they march forth with what I perceive to be excellent audiophile value and built quality, judging from this brief introduction.”   – Stereo Times, HE 2004 Show Report