Stereophile’s HE 2007 Show Report – New York

New York was the second in our series of shows with Kef. This time the source was upgraded to Chord’s new flagship Red Reference CD Player which offers a giant leap above the terrific Blu/DAC64 combination. With the CPA 5000 Reference pre-amp, 750 watt Reference mono-blocks, Kef speakers and Van den Hul Super Nova speaker wire and MC Silver interconnects this system had visitors suitably impressed. Some cool Martinis provided the ultimate hi-fi tweak.

“All the products in this room were from Great Britain and provided a beautifully rich and harmonious sound. The Chord reference amplifiers drove the Kef Reference Series 207/2s outstandingly. The sound was open, transparent and dynamic and yet very delicate when necessary/”  – Key Kim, StereoTimes