THE Show – Newport Beach

In conjunction with new Los Angeles dealer Audio High, Bluebird demonstrated Van den Hul’s stunning new 3T cables, Exposure’s affordable 3010S2 electronics and Spendor’s award-winning A6 loudspeakers. Attendees were very impressed and remarked affordable high-end audio never sounded so good. Also on demonstration was the Chordette Gem wireless USB DAC with matching Chordette Scamp power amplifier. Finally the ultra high-end was represented by the Peak Consult Princess XE loudspeakers partnered with the powerhouse Chord Electronics CPM 3350 integrated amplifier. This room illustrated Bluebird’s product range from inexpensive computer audio to affordable high-end to ultra high-end. LA customers can find Audio High at 605 North La Brea Avenue, Los Angeles, or call 310-927-3407.