AVM Named “Brand of the Year 2023”

We are thrilled to announce that AVM has been awarded the prestigious BRAND OF THE YEAR 2023 Award for the first time in their company’s history! This remarkable recognition from the GOLDEN EAR readers’ poll, held by the highly recognized industry magazines Audio and Stereoplay, is a testament to AVM’s unwavering commitment to providing the best high-end audiophile masterpieces to customers worldwide.

In addition to this outstanding achievement, AVM is honored to have also received numerous GOLDEN EAR awards in individual categories, including the OVATION PH 8.3 and EVOLUTION CS 5.3 taking top honors in the phono preamplifier and integrated amplifier/network receiver over 6.000€ ($7,000) categories, respectively. What’s more, the PH 30.3 Phono Preamp and the ROTATION R 30.3 turntable have also emerged as the reader’s favorites, taking even more first places in numerous categories.

AVM would like to take this opportunity to express their sincere thanks to customers, partners, and supporters for their continued trust and confidence in their audiophile manufacturing.