Introducing the Canton Reference GS Flagship Loudspeakers

The Ultimate Canton Reference Loudspeaker – Now On Demonstration in USA

Unconstrained by restrictions, Canton endeavored to push the limits of what was technically possible to create the best sounding and best performing loudspeaker in Canton’s history. In over 50 years of company history, never before has a Canton loudspeaker been developed and manufactured with this level of complexity.

The Reference GS are a statement: the mighty floor-standing loudspeakers stand 64” tall, 18” wide, 28” deep and weigh 340 pounds. The Reference GS loudspeakers are painstakingly handcrafted, elegant in design and spoil you with their high quality materials, exquisite workmanship and impressive surface finish. The designers of the Reference GS harmoniously combine elements of wood, metal and lacquer to create an irresistible work of art. The result is a speaker that not only fulfils the highest demands in terms of sound, but also aesthetically.

Multi-Layer Specially Reinforced Cabinets

For the completely redesigned Reference GS cabinet, round baffles have been used for the first time. These more than 3” thick baffles are manufactured on a special 5-axis CNC milling machine. The elaborately curved side panels, bases and lids are made of multi-layer, more than 1” thick wood laminate, which ensures that the cabinets are extremely stable and thus significantly reduces natural resonance behavior.

In order to control the enormous forces inside the Reference loudspeakers, a special computer-optimized reinforcement is required. The careful selection of the front shape, baffle and additional, precisely defined damping made of special fleece prevents standing waves inside the enclosure.

In addition, the side panels with fine real wood veneer, which are firmly attached to the side panels, significantly increase the weight of the enclosures. This further stiffens the enclosures and further reduces unwanted resonance. The sweeping curves enable an acoustically optimized enclosure design, whose freedom from edges effectively prevents edge reflections.

Diamond Tweeter

For the first time in Canton’s history, a diamond dome tweeter has been used. This cone material enables substantial tweeter reproduction with the finest detail. The tweeter retains its accuracy and natural reproduction even at the highest volumes – completely effortless and stress-free.

Powerful Crossovers

With the help of Displacement Control, the crossover prevents uncontrolled excursion of the woofers and increases the bandwidth with the same cabinet size. The result is extremely precise bass even at the highest sound pressure levels. As the control centre of the speakers, the newly developed crossovers make a decisive contribution to stress-free music enjoyment at all levels. They ensure brilliant highs, impressive bass and maximum precision in the fundamental range.

Canton Room Compensation Technology

In addition to the tweeter and mid-range level adjustment found on the Reference Series, Reference GS adds adjustment for the bass sensitively in 1.5 decibel steps. This allows the speakers to be optimized to suit personal listening tastes and room acoustics.

Wave Guide 3.0

Three congruent surround bends ensure balanced force symmetry, which guarantees even transient and decay behavior even at higher levels and cone excursions. This is achieved with equal utilization of the area and weight of the transducer system.

Absorbent Sealing Rings

For the new Reference GS Edition, special sealing rings were developed that are flocked with a special fabric in a complex process. This innovation achieves two important goals: It ensures complete sealing of the air volume in the speaker enclosure and effectively reduces the transmission of structure-borne vibrations. The result is improved sound perception without unwanted resonance of the baffle.

Insulation Base Plate

The Reference GS Edition has been equipped with a completely redesigned base plate that enables the installation of solid, height-adjustable stainless steel feet. In combination with the supplied absorbers, these serve to almost completely decouple the speaker from the floor.

As with all Reference Series loudspeakers, a ten year warranty is included.