Introducing the Canton Vento Summer Promotion

Bluebird Music, distributor of high-performance audio products since 2000, is pleased to announce their Canton Vento Summer Promotion. Selected models from the new Vento loudspeaker range are being offered at 20% savings between now and July 31, 2024.

The New Canton Vento Series

Positioned directly below the top-rated Canton Reference Series, and recently updated in 2022, the Vento Series is a mature premium hi-fi loudspeaker loaded with advanced technology. Below are the key new features.

New Titanium Graphite Drivers:  The Vento series features newly developed titanium graphite mid-range and bass drivers. The new drive units offer reduced weight, increased stiffness and improved damping. Unwanted vibrations are eliminated and the drivers work as perfect piston transducers – thus creating the ideal conditions for reproducing acoustic signals one-to-one without any losses. When coupled with Canton’s double cone technology and high excursion wave surrounds, the new Vento speakers deliver impressive dynamics with a relaxed sound that remains uncompressed even at high volume.

New Cabinets:  Newly designed cabinets meet the highest technical requirements. Larger interior volume allows the speakers to deliver more bandwidth in the low frequency range. Bass is deeper and tighter with more body, but also cleaner and more transparent. The bass guide feature makes the speakers less critical of in-room placement than rear-ported loudspeakers. With premium high-gloss lacquers the new cabinets meet the highest standards of workmanship and touch quality.

Acoustically Optimized Tweeters:  Vento models use only the best technical components such as acoustically optimized tweeters which feature Canton’s own aluminum ceramic oxide domes. This special material, formulated by Canton and proven in countless listening sessions, results in tweeter systems with powerful drives and extremely light and stiff domes. The result is high resolution but with sweet natural highs.

Attention to Detail:  New gold-plated terminals offer maximum conductivity and easy connection. New magnetic grill covers use high-quality acoustically neutral fabric covers and contribute to the clean sophisticated design. Finally, a redesigned high-quality crossover network uses precision components for optimal sound reproduction.

vento 90 walnut

"Canton applies technology only in the service of music so it’s no surprise that the new Vento Series delivers an authentic, believable musical experience. But what is a surprise is that Canton delivers these loudspeakers, with multilayer laminated-ply cabinets and ceramic-composite tweeters, at the Vento price points. As the number one loudspeaker company in Germany, and top three in Europe, only Canton has the economies of scale to deliver this kind of value." -- Jay Rein, Bluebird Music

The Canton Vento Summer Promotion

To help introduce US and Canadian consumers to the new Canton Vento Series, Bluebird Music and Canton present our Vento Summer Promotion. Between May 1 and July 31, 2024 music lovers will receive a savings of 20% on: Vento 100, Vento 90, Vento 80 and Vento 20 models. This offer includes all three available finishes: high-gloss black, high-gloss white or high-gloss natural walnut.

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About Bluebird Music: Founded in 2000 and led by Founder and President Jay Rein, Bluebird Music is a full service, value-added distributor of hi-fi products of the highest quality. Bluebird believes in fully supporting highly skilled retailers who are passionate about great sound. Products distributed by Bluebird can be found at over 100 select dealerships in USA and Canada.

About Canton: Founded in 1972 and led by Founder Gunther Seitz and his son, Managing Partner Achim Seitz, Canton is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of quality loudspeakers. Located in Weilrod, Germany, with a second facility in the Czech Republic, the company’s 150 employees design, fabricate, assemble by hand and quality-check every pair of loudspeakers. Research and development facilities are state of the art, and include an anechoic chamber.

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