Jadis Overhauls Entire Amplifier Range

Bluebird Music, North American importer for Jadis, today announced a major revision to the Jadis line of amplifiers with five new models now available.

Earlier in the year Jadis released the KT150-based I-50 integrated amplifier, the first model in its range to feature the new KT150 tube. Jadis is a big proponent of the new tube and, given the success of the I-50, Jadis decided to undertake a major overhaul of their entire amplifier line. As a result, we are pleased to announce the following five new models:

I-88 – 90 watt Class A KT150 Integrated
JA30 MkII – 45 watt Class A KT150 Monoblocks
JA80 MkII – 90 watt Class A KT150 Monoblocks
JA200 MkII – 200 watt Class A KT150 Monoblocks
JA500 KT150 Edition – 370 watt Class AB KT150 Monoblocks

Advantages of the New KT150

The KT150 is a more powerful tube. The shape of the tube provides better heat dissipation, a better vacuum and reduces problems of microphonics. Sonically, it also offers better balance and clarity throughout the audio frequency spectrum, improved transparency, outstanding dynamics and powerful, tight, fast bass performance. Amplifiers need to be redesigned to take advantage of the benefits of the KT150 but Jadis felt the KT150 was superior in all ways so they made the necessary investment to overhaul their entire amplifier line.

Not only do the new KT150-based amplifiers offer better sound quality, but because of the increased power they also make Jadis performance more affordable. For example, with the new JA30 and JA80 offering a 50% increase in power, customers who previously would have needed the power of the old JA80 can now save $8,000 and “get by” with the JA30.

Click here to see the line-up of the new Jadis amplifiers:  https://www.bluebirdmusic.com/sections/power-amplifiers.html