Questyle CMA Fifteen Now Shipping in USA and Canada


Buffalo, NY, November 25, 2021—- Bluebird Music, distributor of high-performance audio products since 2000, is pleased to announce the availability of the Questyle CMA Fifteen, the latest evolution in Questyle’s ultra-high performance compact headphone amp/DACs. In addition to Questyle’s well-known proprietary technologies, the CMA Fifteen includes analog inputs, allowing it to serve as the preamp/DAC hub for a simple audio system of extraordinary performance and reasonable cost.

The CMA Fifteen commemorates 15 years of Questyle products utilizing Current Mode Amplification (CMA), and takes that technology one step further by directly coupling a Current Mode DAC with CMA. The output of most DAC chips is in current form, which is then amplified as voltage, following conversion by an intermediate stage. The M15 directly feeds the DAC’s current output into four balanced current mode amplification stages, eliminating unnecessary complication, and resulting in sound quality of unrivalled clarity and purity.

Questyle CMA Fifteen Headphone Amp and DAC

Questyle CMA Fifteen Rear View

Other noteworthy features and design elements of the CMA Fifteen:

  • Current Mode Amplification: the patented amplifier module provides high current output, vanishingly low distortion of 0.0003% THD+N, and astonishing signal-noise levels of >119 dB. The extended frequency response and wide dynamic range will bring out the best from any headphone.
  • DAC chip is the ES9038PRO, the flagship unit from ESS, the most powerful performance of any ESS chip to date. PCM is processed from 44.1khz-768kHz/32bit; DSD is processed up to DSD 512.
  • MQA files are fully decoded and authenticated, verified by front-panel indicator lights.
  • LDAC Bluetooth provides data transmission 3x that of standard Bluetooth, allowing wireless transmission of hi-res signals.
  • USB-C input is provided in addition to the standard USB-B input, supporting Apple Music Lossless.
  • Headphone connectors are provided for 6.35 mm standard unbalanced, 4-pin balanced, and balanced.

Questyle CMA Fifteen with Focal Headphones
“Questyle products always offer incredible performance, terrific value, and unmatched build quality from Foxconn,” said Jay Rein, President of Bluebird Music. “One comment we frequently heard about the previous generation CMA Twelve was ‘I wish it had analog inputs, so it would be a full-function preamp’. The CMA Fifteen includes an analog input, and improves sound quality and functionality by directly feeding the DAC’s current output into the amplifier stages, and processing an even wider range of digital inputs. It’s an amazing product.”

The Questyle CMA Fifteen is in stock and now shipping in USA and Canada. US retail price is $2,495, ($3,095 Canadian).

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About Bluebird Music: Founded in 2000 and led by Founder and President Jay Rein, Bluebird Music is a full service, value-added distributor of hi-fi products of the highest quality coming from manufacturers SME, AVM, Jadis, Questyle, Weiss Engineering, Vienna Acoustics, and Canton. Products distributed by Bluebird can be found at over 100 select dealerships in the US and Canada.

About Questyle: Founded in 2012 and led by Founder and CEO Jason Wang, Questyle specializes in digital audio products featuring unique, patented technologies developed by Wang and his engineering team.  Questyle products have won the CES Innovation Award and the prestigious iF Industrial Design award, as well as dozens of other awards in Europe, Asia, and the US. Questyle products are manufactured by the Foxconn Technology Group.

Quesytle CMA Fifteen with Mac  Questyle CMA Fifteen Headphone Amp

Questyle CMA Fifteen with Record Player

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