Weiss DACs Now Include Audeze Equalization Curves

Weiss DAC502 with Audeze HeadphonesBuffalo, NY, October 5, 2021 — Bluebird Music, distributor of the world-class Weiss Engineering DACs, is proud to announce a firmware upgrade to the Weiss DAC501 and DAC502 that elevates these extraordinary DAC/headphone amplifiers to an even higher level of performance and versatility. Users of Audeze headphones with either Weiss DAC—whether recording/mastering engineers or passionate listeners at home—can now utilize frequency equalization curves that optimize performance, and ensure standardized response.

For producers and mastering engineers, this means that tracks recorded and mastered anywhere in the world, using any Audeze headset, can be heard in playback exactly as recorded—even when using a different model Audeze headset. Home listeners can be secure in the knowledge that their headphone playback experience is the best attainable—anywhere.

Daniel Weiss of Weiss Engineering has been a leader in digital audio and DSP (digital signal processing) for more than 35 years. In addition to the Audeze target frequency curves, DSP features in the DAC501 and DAC502 include a proprietary loudness equalization not based upon the commonly-used Fletcher-Munson curves; vinyl emulation; de-essing; room equalization; crosstalk cancelation; and many more. In recognition of his decades of pioneering work, Daniel Weiss was the recipient of the 2021 Technical Grammy Award.

“The Weiss DACs have the most lifelike, realistic sound of any DACs I’ve ever heard—and their headphone amps are just as good. Coupled with Audeze headphones, the sound is as good as it gets,” said Jay Rein, President of Bluebird Music. “We’re pleased to offer a Welcome Audeze Users special discount of 10% off the retail price of the Weiss DAC502 and DAC501.”

For more info contact Jay Rein at jrein@bluebirdmusic.com.

Save 10% on Weiss DACs Until November 30, 2021

Daniel Weiss with 2021 GRAMMY AwardOrder a Weiss DAC501 or DAC502 before November 30 and save 10%. The US retail price of the DAC502 is $10,695 ($13,995 Canadian), and the DAC501 retails for $9,645 ($12,495 Canadian).

About Bluebird Music:  Founded in 2000 and led by Founder/President Jay Rein, Bluebird Music is a full service, value-added distributor of hi-fi products of the highest quality.

About Weiss Engineering:  Founded in 1985 and led by Founder/President Daniel Weiss. Weiss products can be found in mastering and recording studios worldwide, and since 2000, the company has produced cutting-edge digital products for the consumer audio market. Daniel Weiss was the recipient of the 2021 Technical Grammy Award.