Model 12 with 309 tonearmThe Incomparable SME Model 12

The SME 309 tonearm uses advanced metal techniques to produce and exceptionally rigid arm. Constrained layers within the tonearm work to dampen any minute residual vibrations. This together with the Crystal Cable upgrade bring a noticeable improvement in transparency.

The platter’s main spindle bearing is machined from high chrome tool steel. It is machine ground, super finished and supported in a sealed housing with individually matched sintered bronze bearings of generous proportions needed to support the platter.

Machined from aluminum alloy and weighing over 10 lbs, the platter is perfectly dampened with an ultra-specialist space grade isodamp material unique to SME. The top surface is diamond-turned with a fine scroll carefully calculated for firmly engaging records to the platter.

SME Model 12 with MotorImproved Ultra-Low Noise Motor

The electronic control circuitry and power supply unit are housed in a new external one-piece CNC machined case which offers complete isolation and is the perfect environment for the electronics. The total motor assembly is virtually vibration-less as its 5.5lbs weight is isolated from the sub chassis by urethane mounts and spikes.

The Model 12’s electronic control unit uses a high-performance microprocessor, optimized for motor control. Speed ranges are 33.3, 45 & 78 rpm, with fine pitch speed adjustment allowing increments of +/- 0.01% of the selected speed.

A substantial chrome-plated and logo engraved reflex clamp ensures the largest possible platter contact, even when an appreciable record warp is present.

SME Model 12 top viewAnother Winner From SME

With the new Model 12, SME have once again demonstrated audio engineering excellence delivering a world class precision turntable for the discerning audiophile and high end audio enthusiast.