SME Model 6 Turntable

It’s time to avail yourself of the very real pleasures of owning an SME. Because now we’re offering a remarkable turntable with all the hallmarks of an SME at a surprisingly affordable price—the SME Model 6. It’s the perfect merging of our legendary craftsmanship with the most technologically advanced materials.

The turntable chassis is machined from a high density polymer resin, resulting in superb resonance absorption. The main bearing, spindle, and pulleys are built to the same ultrahigh standards of precision as all SME turntables. An unusually sophisticated electronic speed control unit allows for fine adjustments to the platter’s rotation speed. The Model 6 also comes with an improved version of the highly-regarded SME M2-9 tonearm pre-installed, making turntable setup a breeze.

The Model 6’s integrated tonearm is an improved version of the highly-regarded SME M2-9, in a black chrome finish to match the turntable. Suitable for use with both moving magnet and moving coil cartridges over a wide range of weight, 2 to 12 grams, the arm has a removable headshell which simplifies both initial set-up and subsequent cartridge changes.

The joys of superb analog—the dynamics, the definition, the taut bass control, the wonderfully silent backgrounds— along with SME’s superb engineering and build quality— can now be had for less than you may have thought possible, with the SME Model 6.

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The SME 6 delivered the [musical] goods and how! SME's latest entry is a complete success.

Michael Fremer, Stereophile, June 2021

The Model 6 sounds every inch an SME record player. Its sound has the unerring composure we’ve noticed in the company’s other decks. If you’ve always wanted one of the company’s turntables but could never quite stretch to buying one, go for this. In all the important ways, you won’t be missing out.

What Hi-Fi? Five Star Award Winner, September 2020