The SME Model 15 MK2 could be described as “the ultimate in recovery vehicles”, allowing the cartridge to retrieve the last iota of recorded material from the vinyl disc; approaching the ultimate in perfection.

The Model 15 MK2 seeks to emulate the excellence of the Models 20/3 and 30/2 turntable while retaining the more compact footprint preferred by many enthusiasts. With its new highly advanced drive system the Model 15 MK2 delivers significantly improved speed control, accuracy and stability over the older Model 15.

The SME Model 15 MK2 has been designed with the same attention to detail combined with simplicity of operation that has come to be expected from all SME products. Its superb performance together with laid back styling make it a glamorous addition to your sound system that will astound and amaze listeners for many years to come.

The main spindle is 19 mm (3/4″) machined from high chrome tool steel, it is ground, super finished and supported in a sealed housing with individually fitted sintered bronze bearings of generous proportions needed to support the platter.

Its bass performance was nimbler, and its top end airier, I rate this combo a complete success. [Model 15A]

Michael Fremer, Stereophile January 2016, Stereophile Class A Recommended Component

The world is awash with delightful turntables at all price points, but this is the world's best deck below £10,000, [$13,000 Model 15A].

Ken Kessler, HiFi News, July/August 2015


Standard arm mountings suit all SME 9″ and 10″ arms.


The SME Model 15 MK2 sub-chassis is suspended on 30 purpose moulded ‘O’ rings and weighs, together with the platter, more than 24 lbs, thus meeting all the requirements of high density construction that is required to maintain freedom from coloration.


Controlled by a central fluid damper which controls the sub-chassis motion, offers a resistive ground path for acoustic signals, eliminates overshoot and gives almost zero ‘Q’ recovery.


Machined from aluminium alloy and weighs over 10 lbs. It is extensionally damped, the top surface being diamond-turned with a fine scroll. This method of finishing contacts a myriad of tiny fibres with the underside of the record, firmly coupling it to the platter. A substantial reflex clamp ensures the largest possible platter contact even when an appreciable record warp is present.


The turntable is driven by a 3 phase, brushless outrunner motor with 8-pole Neodymium magnets and 3 integrated Hall effect sensors and virtually vibrationless by reason of its 5.5 lbs weight as well as being isolated on urethane mounts that are adjustable for accurate belt positioning.

Speed Control

The electronic controller uses a high performance microprocessor, optimized for motor control. Closed loop speed control is implemented using a proportional plus integral (PI) algorithm. Fine pitch speed adjustment allows increments/decrements of +/-0.01% of selected speed. Speed ranges: 33.3, 45 & 78 rpm.

Dimensions and Weight

Dimensions: 12″ x 10.7″ x 5″
Net weight: 40 lbs
Shipping weight: 53 lbs