Jadis DA88S integrated amplifier silver faceplate

Spectacular award-winning pure Class A integrated

The DA88S MkII features numerous component and chassis upgrades and a totally new board. It's a robust 60 watt, pure class-A, KT120 integrated amplifier with five line inputs and remote control included. Thanks to Jadis' custom-made signature transformers the DA88S can effortlessly drive all but the most difficult loudspeakers.

The DA88 produces a warm and rich yet very detailed fast sound with tremendous dynamics and a large soundstage, and was named The Absolute Sound Product of the Year winner for good reason. Tube complement is eight KT120 tubes, 2 12AX7 and 3 12AU7. Dimensions are 20" x 16" x 8.7", weight 88lbs. Available with gold or silver faceplate option at no extra cost.

DA88S shown above with optional silver faceplate. Click here for an inside view, or click here for a larger image.

I listened to an integrated amplifier that wasn't merely good - it was spectacular.

Jacob Heilbrunn, The Absolute Sound, May/June 2015.

The Jadis DA88S sound is so harmonically rich, it brings out the musician and the dancer in all of us. This amp gets past the normal hi-fi perspectives and simply plays music with passion.

HiFi Choice Magazine


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